Learn to Synchronize Audio with PowerPoint Slides

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Audio is the foundation for great presentations. While audio podcasts can be great for listening and learning, the ability to synchronize visuals such as slides or video takes podcasting to a new level. While this course is focused on audio editing and production, this glimpse of ways to use audio in multimedia is designed to expand the possibilities of what can be done. This demonstration was created with Audacity and Camtasia. #podcast #university


Real Play vs Role Play

In a continual look at training value and results to the bottom line, adapting role play experiences to real play experiences can accomplish learning while delivering revenue generating content. Since most of learning is gained on the job, we can enhance this strength by converting role play and simulation content into real world learning. Here are some of the questions to explore.

  • How can role play experiences be converted to real play experiences with mentor or job shadow opportunities?
  • What learning objectives can be best supported with on the job experiences?
  • How can revenue be generated while training experiences are being accomplished?


Batman Meets PowerPoint Design

This latest course takes a storytelling approach to solving design challenges for creating great looking visuals for training and PowerPoint presentations.

50 years ago, the TV show Batman captivated people’s attention. Today, the design techniques extracted from the classic set of collector cards from that same bat time, same bat channel, can inspire great visual presentations. Welcome to a creative world of PowerPoint design to help you learn ways to create great looking presentations. Enjoy the fully reproduced course with high definition videos, on camera hosting, supplied practice files, and step by step guides to learn the concepts.

One of the most exciting things about the new content is a consistent theme of visual examples inspired by classic Batman cards. It transforms the learning experience into a series of mini design challenges that are fulfilled with easy to use step by step demonstrations.

I’m excited to learn what you think of the new improved version of the course.

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Client Presentations

Developing a client friendly approach to presenting work combines many different skills. Thinking in terms of the audience invites understanding of the user experience and searching out ways beyond making content available to consider the way that it is structured and presented.

The Portable Document Format

Clients may have different software tools than what you produce your content in. Compiling work into a single document that does not require the client to have any specialized software is a strategy for supporting the user experience. The portable document format (PDF) is a great way to solve the user experience challenge of access to content which can include text, images, and links to videos. Options for creating presentations and sharing them as .pdf documents include PowerPoint, Word, and Google Drive Documents. PowerPoint and Word have a “save as” option that allows for converting to PDF. Google Drive Documents can use the download as .pdf option.

Video – Client Presentations

Video - Client Presentations

Client Presentation – Template

Screenshot 2015-03-01 at 11.35.58 AM Screenshot 2015-03-01 at 11.36.25 AMclient_presentations_outline

The icons above link to a Word template or a .pdf outline that can be used for crafting your client presentations. PowerPoint is also an excellent choice for compiling images and text along with links to online videos hosted on a media server such as YouTube.com. Both Word and PowerPoint allow for converting the presentation to .pdf

Online options include using Google Docs to compile images, narrative, and links in a presentation that can be saved as a .pdf file for presentation purposes.

Learning Journals and Winning Play Books

Creating a learning journal supports the idea of developing a ready reference to progressive understanding. That reminds me of a video from Google’s talent revolution symposium from a rugby coach that described the value of a journal as a playbook that helped document and share winning moves with team members.

I was impressed with the value of how a learning journal can support improved performance in the future.