Import Audio, Video, and Images for Video Editing in Camtasia

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One of the exciting stories from flight achievement besides the historic moon landing July 20th, 1969, was the later challenge of Apollo 13 to return safely to earth after a technical malfunction. The significance of the challenge to Apollo 13 was the limitation to work from only the resources available in the capsule. When it comes to your video project, you can import new resources as needed to support your success in completing your editing mission. It’s time enter the world of video editing with the ability to import video, audio, and images.

All the editing in this video was done using Camtasia.


KickStarter Launch – Video University: Learn to Edit Videos with Camtasia

This is very exciting news. The video editing course I’m producing will include input from people interested in having the course created. What a fun approach to interact with those interested in the development and outcome of the course. You can be a part of it, or just spread the news about the opportunity. 



Video University: Learn to Edit Videos with Camtasia – Coming in May

Be among the first to see the new course when it launches. A Kickstarter campaign is underway.

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Leveraging Learning Principles to add Character to Presentations

It’s amazing what a good learner focused strategy for teaching can do. By identifying a few core principles that students can do, active learning can then take over with hands on use of the learning and active feedback designed in to the experience.

Here’s a glimpse at a few of the images I was able to draw after a few minutes of viewing and putting the instruction into practice.


The video demonstration that follows not only shows how to draw cartoons quickly, it shows students how to learn. Note how the students are invited to get active in the learning quickly with specific instructions with the basics to put learning into action. Then, notice how students receive immediate feedback, not from the instructor, but from each other and themselves. Then notice how the learning experience advanced with coaching invitations to explore variations of the core principles. Have a paper and pencil or tablet ready and experience the magic of proving that you can draw!