Create Edited Video Presentations with Imported Audio, Video, and Images

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When it comes to your video project, you can import new resources as needed to support your success in completing your editing mission. It’s time enter the world of video editing with the ability to import video, audio, and images.
All the editing in this video was done using Camtasia.



Learn to Use Alignment to Organize Visuals in PowerPoint

Learn Design Techniques with PowerPoint. Save 50% off the full course with this coupon link for half off.

Choosing the Right Video Editing and Screen Recording Software

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Learn about video editing and screen recording options including screencastomatic, screenflow, Camtasia, and Premiere. This video is part of a new video editing course using Camtasia, the powerful video editing and screen recording software. All the editing in this video was done using Camtasia.

Mobilizing the Learning Experience

This thought provoking TED Talk from Stephen Baldridge shares the challenge of going beyond the traditional lecture and classroom set up to a mobile view of empowered learners. The challenge for today’s instructors is to embrace the expanded distributed learning options of the students to actively participate.

Video University: Learn to Edit Videos with Camtasia – Coming in May

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Time Multiplier Perspectives

Looking at time management from the perspective of significance in addition to urgency and importance is something that is familiar to me. The focus to eliminate, automate, or delegate provides some thought about opportunities to involve others in solutions. For those items that must be either concentrated on and done now or procrastinated for the choice of doing later. This active patience approach is also an opportunity to feed the opportunities or starve the problems.