Import Audio, Video, and Images for Video Editing in Camtasia

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One of the exciting stories from flight achievement besides the historic moon landing July 20th, 1969, was the later challenge of Apollo 13 to return safely to earth after a technical malfunction. The significance of the challenge to Apollo 13 was the limitation to work from only the resources available in the capsule. When it comes to your video project, you can import new resources as needed to support your success in completing your editing mission. It’s time enter the world of video editing with the ability to import video, audio, and images.

All the editing in this video was done using Camtasia.


Podcast University: Learn to Create Podcasts with Audacity

Welcome to Podcast University and a do what matters most approach to learning how to create and edit podcasts using the free software tool Audacity. Learn from step-by-step instructions that use a follow, practice, create approach to creating great sounding podcasts. John O’Laughlin, Ed.D, is a seasoned media professional with 20 years experience creating multimedia productions for Fox, Disney, and advertising companies. He also spent 10 years teaching college students how to learn the skills to create great work. Learn from a professional guide in an inviting online experience. #podcast #university

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