Mobilizing the Learning Experience

This thought provoking TED Talk from Stephen Baldridge shares the challenge of going beyond the traditional lecture and classroom set up to a mobile view of empowered learners. The challenge for today’s instructors is to embrace the expanded distributed learning options of the students to actively participate.


Video University: Learn to Edit Videos with Camtasia – Coming in May

Be among the first to see the new course when it launches. A Kickstarter campaign is underway.

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Real Play vs Role Play

In a continual look at training value and results to the bottom line, adapting role play experiences to real play experiences can accomplish learning while delivering revenue generating content. Since most of learning is gained on the job, we can enhance this strength by converting role play and simulation content into real world learning. Here are some of the questions to explore.

  • How can role play experiences be converted to real play experiences with mentor or job shadow opportunities?
  • What learning objectives can be best supported with on the job experiences?
  • How can revenue be generated while training experiences are being accomplished?


Batman Meets PowerPoint Design

This latest course takes a storytelling approach to solving design challenges for creating great looking visuals for training and PowerPoint presentations.

50 years ago, the TV show Batman captivated people’s attention. Today, the design techniques extracted from the classic set of collector cards from that same bat time, same bat channel, can inspire great visual presentations. Welcome to a creative world of PowerPoint design to help you learn ways to create great looking presentations. Enjoy the fully reproduced course with high definition videos, on camera hosting, supplied practice files, and step by step guides to learn the concepts.

One of the most exciting things about the new content is a consistent theme of visual examples inspired by classic Batman cards. It transforms the learning experience into a series of mini design challenges that are fulfilled with easy to use step by step demonstrations.

I’m excited to learn what you think of the new improved version of the course.

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