How Self Directed Learning Supports Landing Projects on Time

Distributed intelligence is a way to accomplish projects beyond the linear (Gantt Chart) processes. Creating self managing teams with visibility on progress and important indicators helps people and teams self correct through constant adjustments. Making work visible is a way to support self directed learning as a powerful mechanism that involves feedback for the student and the option to reach out for help to experience the faster learning experiences that achieve results.


Time Multiplier Perspectives

Looking at time management from the perspective of significance in addition to urgency and importance is something that is familiar to me. The focus to eliminate, automate, or delegate provides some thought about opportunities to involve others in solutions. For those items that must be either concentrated on and done now or procrastinated for the choice of doing later. This active patience approach is also an opportunity to feed the opportunities or starve the problems.

The Art of Persuasive Storytelling

Learning from the great story tellers reveals some of the strategies for visual presentation. The insight is that it is the story behind the slides and not the other way around. Nancy Duarte shares the value of helping the audience see the solution so they can embrace change rather than fear confusion. The audience is the hero.

Here is the link to the article that shares some of the narrative along with links to the video presentations.

Building a More Advanced Skill Set


Fixing the Broken Talent Flow Article

Here’s an inspiring article on the value of building a more advanced skill set. I appreciated the model of living the example of everything that went right with the July 20th, 1969 moon landing. Do the most exceptional things you can do is an inspiring invitation to improve skills and maximize them. Jim Tankersley’s writing in the article uses descriptive imagery such as rocket suburbs and sixpence coin operated television.