Simplifying Complexity

On the theme of breaking down complex learning challenges into simple and manageable solutions, some research on the topic provides innovative insight.

Show, Don’t Tell

The power of visual demonstrations such as infographics help convey complex ideas simpler visually organized ways.

Be The Experiment

On the topic of making learning fun and engaging, some tips from radio can bring stories to life with visual storytelling and the use of metaphors in addition to considering how different types of media can support learning. Recalling the age of wonder from early age science classes can advance the idea of how learning complex ideas can be fun when done with hands-on props. The value of learning through experimenting can be closely related to gaining experience rather than just theory research.

Narrow Down to the One Action 

Removing barriers to learning can be done by focusing on one real achievable goal. and editing out items that do not contribute to that objective. Many times the quest to convey many things at once contributes to clutter and adds complexity.



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